nikolai hagen

Photo Assistant Experience:

• Photo Assist for Philip-Daniel Ducasse on Harper's Bazaar Dec 2020/Jan 2021 shoot

• Photo assist for Philip-Daniel Ducasse on Bergdorf Goodman In-House Magazine shoot

• Full-time Studio Assistant at Pier 59 Studios NYC:

- Track and maintain photo, video, and lighting equipment across 11 studio spaces

- Interact with clients in high-intensity, fast-paced environment to ensure all of their needs are met so they are able to work within their studio(s) as efficiently as possible
- Communicate across all departments (Production, Bookings, Equipment, Locations, Maintenance) for daily operations
- Trouble shoot any issues clients may have
- Contact vendors to make purchases for studio inventory
- Test lighting equipment to ensure it is in working order for         clients
- Operate freight to ensure the delivery of client items and studio inventory items

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